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Local Exam Administration

Administering Exams in Your Community

Wisconsin Personnel Partners will work with you to administer exams in you community at a time that is most convenient to you and your organization. The advantage will be the administration directed to your timeline and your ability to proctor the exam yourself. 

Please see the fee schedule

Using Your Own Proctors

Someone from your jurisdiction can easily act as proctor for your exam administration. We will provide the needed information and supplies to your proctor. This can save time in processing scores and gives you more flexibility in selecting a date. For more information about proctors and administering your own exams see our Proctor Handbook

Ordering Exams

In order to process your request for testing, please submit the following:

  • Exam Date
  • Exam Title and Number
  • Vacant Position Title
  • Jurisdiction
  • Contact Person and Title
  • Name and Title of Person to Receive Scores
  • Address, Telephone/E-mail/Fax
  • Applicant List

Directory of available multiple-choice exams

Applicant List

To avoid the practice effect, we run your applicants through our database to ensure that they have not tested in the last six months. We will notify you of your reuse applicants.

All orders must be accompanied by a list of applicants. We prefer your applicant list to be electronically sent to us for processing. Please download the template to submit your applicants.

Your applicant list should include:

  • Last 4 digits of the social security number
  • Last name, first name, middle initial
  • Address, city, state, zip code 

If you cannot e-mail, please fax it to us at (608) 267-1000. There will be additional fees for orders that do no include applicant social security information.


Wisconsin Personnel Partners makes every effort to get your scores sent to you quickly after the exam test date; we will send you alphabetical and rank-ordered lists of applicant scores.

Additional Information

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