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Leave the Scoring to Us

Wisconsin Personnel Partners will take care of scoring for you. We will provide you with alphabetical and rank-ordered lists quickly after the exam. We strongly recommend a thorough review of the scores before making any hiring decision.

Releasing Scores to Applicants

Scores are released to the appropriate contact within your organization only. Wisconsin Personnel Partners does not release scores to individual examinees. Each jurisdiction must follow their own policies and procedures when releasing scores to applicants.

Passing Points

Wisconsin Personnel Partners has adopted a new process to establish recommended passing points for new exams. The process is systematic, widely accepted, and legally defensible. You may, of course, set your own passing point at your discretion. You can decide how high you want to set the bar for your applicant pool giving you maximum flexiblity over your selection process.

Recommended passing points:

  • Telecommunications Operator exam 73% correct (85 out of 117)
  • Jail Officer exam 71% correct (89 out of 125)
  • All other WPP exams 70% 

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