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Exam Security

We take exam security seriously at Wisconsin Personnel Partners to ensure our exam reliability. High security standards have been set in order to protect both our clients and their applicants.

Clients will be required to sign an Exam Security Agreement each time they request to use a WPP examination.  This agreement will be signed by anyone in the jurisdiction who sees the exam, not just the individual ordering the exam. The signer of the Exam Security Agreement agrees to:Exam Security

  • Keep examination materials secure at all times.
  • Do not allow potential examinees to review or inspect any examination materials.
  • Do not discuss exam material with anyone.
  • Never duplicate of examination materials, in any form.
  • Never falsify or obstruct examinations.

Clients will also have to sign an Exam User Acknowledgement Agreement which goes along with the Security Agreement.  This will be signed by the Job Expert in the jurisdiction knowledgeable about the position and how the exam relates to it. 

You can download the Exam Security Agreement and Exam User Agreement.

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